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Ceramic Fibre Modules
Ceramic Fiber
Ceramic Fibre Modules

CERAMIC FIBRE MODULES Ceramic fibre modules are a unique solution to high temperature insulation applications such as industrial heaters, boilers and furnaces. Ceramic fibre Module has a wide range of features and specific anchoring systems with their pyro fold, saber block, Z block range. These modules combine the insulating material advantages of ceramic fibre with rapid furnace installation. The monolithic fibre is easy to cut and fit around openings and modify in the field. In addition, these modules are lightweight, have low heat storage and provide durable service. Although all three modules have different applications, below are some general applications. Advantages: Faster installation Reduced shrinkage compared to layered lining Low heat storage Superior to thermal stability and shock resistance Individual module mounting enables replacement without disturbing adjacent modules Application areas: Chemical Process. Heaters Incinerators. Reheating Furnaces. Bell Annealing Furnaces. Soaking Pit Seals and covers.

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