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Rockwool Pipe Section
Rockwool Pipe Section


Product Description The pipe section is produced from non-combustible mineral fibers and is rigid and strong
Each section is split at one side and hinged at the other side for easy installation.
Application Insulation of piping works operating at maximum temperature of 750° C.   
It is also commonly used in air conditioning systems, flange and other piping.   
It is highly water repellent and shock resistant, which makes it ideal insulation material   
where water penetration may occur and great compression resistance is desired.
Fire Resistance When tested in accordance with   GB9978, ASTM E-136,   
it is categorized as “ non- combustible” grade.
* Ignitability  None * Spread of Flame   None * Heat Evolved  None *
Smoke released None Moisture Resistance The product is highly hydrophobic (water-repellent).
Chemical and Biological Characteristics Rockwool Boards are in compliance with GB/ T11835, ASTM C 795, JIS A 9504.   
It has a pH of 7, which does not support mold, bacteria or fungi growth.


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