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Rockwool Board
Rockwool Board

Product Description Rockwool Board is a robust,
high density insulation material suitable for hot surfaces up to 750° C.
manufactured from a blend of natural rocks by melting at above 1600° C.
It has a variety range of insulation applications from residential to industrial structures.
It is an excellent and cost effective material for thermal, electrical and acoustic insulation.     
Application Rockwool Board Flexible, medium strength.
- Interior applications such as partitions
- Exterior applications under a slight load, such as filling panels. Rockwool Board High strength
- Walls, ceilings and roofs under a normal load.
- Suitable for ships, vessels, ovens and industrial thermal insulation.

Rockwool Board Ultra strength
- Sustains a heavy load, suitable for large spans.
- High density Rockwool Boards are popular roof insulation material with high compression resistance.

Rockwool Boards are suitable in applications such as temperature control,
thermal insulation and personnel protection for power plants, metallurgical,
oil refineries and chemical industries, including plant and equipment such as exhaust flues,
hot gas ducts, boilers, furnaces, ovens, autoclaves and kilns.

Maximum Service Temperature Rockwool Insulation Board 02-01 450° C ( 850° F)
Rockwool Insulation Board 02-02 650° C ( 1200° F)
Rockwool Insulation Board 02-03 750° C ( 1400° F)



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